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#8 - Consulta.Lex

Creation of a portal for public legislative consultations, accessible to all, allowing citizens to participate in the legislative process, through consultation of diplomas and formulation of suggestions, accompanyingn on a permanent basis, the preparation of this diploma until the final approval phase

The measure aims to counteract the current withdrawal of citizens from their participation in the legislative process and in decision-making

This will allow citizens to be more closely involved in decision-making through a single location, accessible to all, where the diplomas in preparation or in consultation will be available. The citizen can create a profile, being notified of all the legal diplomas that in their areas of interest, are placed in public consultation, being able to follow all the respective procedure of preparation and approval in its various phases. In this way, citizens can send their contributions, and become part of the normative procedure, receiving information on changes to the diploma, as well as on the assessment of the contributions they have made. Even after the diploma has been approved, there is still the possibility for the citizen to have access to relevant information about the contributions sent, allowing the knowledge of which were received and not received

September 2018 – October 2019