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Budget Game - Budget Game

angle-left Budget Game

#9 - Budget Game

Creation of an online game / public initiatives that offer the citizen options for collecting revenues and applying them in various areas of the public sector, namely Education, Health, Justice, Security, Social Support, Environment, etc. The citizen must be aware that the elaboration of the general budget of the State uses limited resources, and to perceive in a dynamic way the respective positive or negative consequences for the whole society. This measure can begin in a first phase through training and online awareness raising about the development of the OGE, and then the development of an interactive game. In a third phase, artificial intelligence and big data tools can be used, on real data, to give rise to crowd auditing and direct democracy mechanisms

There is a low participation of citizens in Portugal in the discussion of the state budget, but this is a fundamental part of democracy and it is the political priorities of the country for a year. Democracy was born out of the revolt of citizens against the imposition of sovereigns in defining the taxes to be collected and, subsequently, their application. There is no longer perception of this, and that is why it is so important to train and raise awareness, especially among young people who attend university and who come of age

It is a pedagogical measure based on heuristic tools of problem solving and decision-making about alternatives and choices that are presented to the citizen, in a simulation of government very close to reality
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Platform of Civil Society Associations

January 2019 – December 2019