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Literacy for a Good Young Citizen (citizen proposal) - Literacy for a Good Young Citizen (citizen proposal)

angle-left Literacy for a Good Young Citizen (citizen proposal)

#17 - Literacy for a Good Young Citizen (citizen proposal)

The measure involves the creation of an electronic training platform for literacy related to matters within the area of Finance, Social Security, and others, in order to explain in a simple way how these areas work in matters that exist the relationship between the State and the citizen, such as the payment of taxes (IRS, IRC, etc.), social security contributions, among other essential things for a person to be a good citizen, without having to have a PhD in Taxation to understand these matters. For this measure to be effective, the information provided must be easy to perceive and simplified.

The youngest society, especially the "Millennials", has no notion of how the tax and social assistance tax system works in Portugal, resulting in a clear shock when faced with paychecks from the first work experience, where they do not understand the formulas, the reason of being applied that rate and not another, among other aspects.

This measure ultimately provides learning for young people, making them more informed and empowered in these areas, where simplified information is rare, if not even null, eventually leading to anticipation of a potential problem or malaise between citizens and State due to the ignorance or difficulty of understanding the existing information, to the present day, on the subject. With this, it is of affirming that an approximation between the State and the Citizen can occur, much due to this same anticipation of information, originating a positive relation of fiscal and contributory trust between these two actors, which is expected to be lasting.
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